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APSA President Dr. Clemeña talks on 21st Century Learners

At this time and age, many changes have occurred in our world, including technological advances that have shaped the course of our relentless thirst for knowledge. Many years ago, students relied on encyclopedias, almanacs, and everything they could find in the school library. Sheets of Manila paper were utilized in all ways possible for subject presentations. Teachers explained lessons with their entire prowess through writing and verbal explanations. Personal computers and the internet were not a big thing until the late 90’s. Powerpoint presentations were then introduced to replace writing on Manila paper, blackboard, or whiteboard. Google took charge of all the inquiries the world could ever have… And so on. Such transformation of the methods of acquiring information has greatly affected the educational setting, particularly the learning styles of students in every school around the globe.

Last May 16, APSA President Dr. Rose Marie Salazar-Clemeña, RGC, RP, conducted a seminar about understanding and teaching the 21st Century learners at the St. Rita Auditorium of the Colegio San Agustin, Makati. The seminar was attended by both grade school and high school teachers of the school. The seminar featured a discussion on how to utilize the power of technology in teaching, as well as the importance of considering multiple intelligences and varied learning styles of the 21st century students. Video clips were shown for a better understanding and appreciation of the topic. At the end of the lecture, an open forum was held to address the real-life concerns of the audience as regards the issues discussed. About 100 teachers gained greater awareness of the characteristics of their learners and how to be better facilitators of learning in these modern times.

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