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Assessment for College Potential (ACP)

ACP is a broad-based, comprehensive test to assess the potential of high school seniors to do college work. It can be used to determine the degree of readiness by tapping into 3 areas deemed necessary for college work. Together these three tests provide a broad base for decision-making processes about a student’s needs or future directions.
  • The ACP is a 3-part test made up of the:
    •  Aptitude Test:
      innate-based learned abilities. It consists of four (4)subparts:
      • Verbal Reasoning
      •  Quantitative Reasoning
      •  Abstract Reasoning
      •  Spatial Ability
    • Achievement Test:
      measures school-based learned abilities in the 3 core subject areas in:
      • English
      • Math
      • Science
    • Interest and Study Habits Inventory (ISHI):
       measures cultivated multiple intelligences or developed interest and study habits that contribute to effective learning.
As a comprehensive test to assess curricular or college potential or high school students, the ACP can serve the following purposes:
  • Screening
    • The ACP is essentially designed to be used for selection and admission to the tertiary level. Individual schools can set up their own cut-off scores.
  • Diagnosis
    • The test can also be used to determine the extent to which the students have mastered concepts and skills learned in the classroom. Results of the test can also aid to diagnose students’ academic difficulty, which consequently can provide information of improvement of instruction and curriculum.
  • Career guidance
    • The information generated from the test are most directly applicable for career exploration. Planning or changing a career often implies the choice of a general lifestyle with its characteristic set of values. Because career exploration essentially covers an individual’s value system, which includes but not limited to interest, attitudes and habits, they are being regarded as focal and effective in career planning. Thus, the test may be used as a tool to aid career guidance decisions/directions.

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