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A composite of several cognitive functions required for survival and advancement in the world of work consisting of the following combination of abilities:
  • Verbal Aptitude:

    This test measures the individual’s ability to understand word meanings and relationship between words in the English language, through the identification of synonyms and antonyms among a group of words. The items were chosen for their frequency of use in everyday language, particularly in the industrial setting.

  • Numerical Aptitude (Reasoning):

    This measures mathematical reasoning or logic, through the solution of problems expressed verbally. Together with the Computation test, this measures numerical aptitude, which includes the ability to manipulate number relationships and to work intelligently with quantitative materials.

  • Numerical Aptitude (Computation):

    Consists of a number of mathematical exercises involving basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. The exercises include whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages and various types of measurement. Computational ability is important in professions related to business, education, and the physical sciences.

  • Abstract Reasoning (Non-verbal):

    This non-verbal test measures the ability to understand patterns of relationship among a series of stimulus figure and to recognize the next figure that should be in the series. This ability to understand the logic of relationships among one-dimensional or two-dimensional representations is useful in a variety of occupations.

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