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measures selling interest and motivation level based on the following orientations:

  • Just-A-Job
  • A person who has this sales orientation has a take-it-or-leave-it attitude toward selling. A low concern for making a sale, coupled with a low concern for the customer, is shown in this persons tendency to be passive (neither trying to build acceptance for the product, nor pushing to build a better relationship with the prospective customer)

  • Friendly
  • A person with this orientation is extremely person-oriented, manisfesting only a minimum concern for making a sale. A strong need for the friendship and approval of the customer results in the salesperson's spending much time and effort to understand the customer's feelings and interests in order to be liked in return. A sale is therefore seen as a by-product of friendliness rather than as the effect of direct persuasion.

  • Sales Technique
  • The ST-oriented person balances a moderate concern for making a sale with a moderate concern for the customer. He or she uses tried-and-true techniques for getting a prospect to buy, blending some pleasant behavior with some emphasis on the product. The sales presentation of this style is often described as mechanical, methodical, and monotonous.

  • Hard-Sell
  • This selling style shows a high concern for making a sale but little or no concern for the prospective customer. HS-oriented persons see prospects as means to an end - a sale; thus they pile on all the pressure it takes to get the prospects to buy. Because of a high need for esteem and independence, HS-oriented persons perceive making a sale as a victory over the customer. Since winning is all-important to these persons, they are often blind to the customer's needs and feelings, and aggressively push their product.

  • Person-Product
  • Salespersons with this orientation integrate a high concern for making a sale with a real and deep concern for the customer. This is indicated in their attempts to get to know the customer's needs and problems in order to show shat benefits can be obtained from using a product or service. Such salespersons can be described as consultative, need-satisfying, and problem-solving.

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